Connecting The World’s Health Data

Securely connect patient data across
Our platform

Takes care of your data

Based On FHIR

Through Riverr’s platform, health-data-ecosystems can organise, define and adopt a secure standards-based data infrastructure and data governance model.

Secure By Design

The platform is based on a web3 foundation that brings cryptographic superpowers that solves many of today's complex data-challenges.

All-In-One Platform

We provide this in a single fully-integrated platform that can help stakeholders process, securely store compliant data and use that data to its full potential.

Data Analytics

In providing this new data foundation for collaborative health we become the control-board for data, connecting disparate sources enabling analytics on comprehensive data-sets.

Our product

Predicts Chronic Diseases and Promotes Early Diagnosis

Automatically ingest data from disparate
health data sources including...

Electronic Health

EHR data with comprehensive patient histories of vital signs and symptoms, problem lists and chief complaints, tests results, diagnoses and procedures, and prescriptions.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring data capture key vital signs and health behaviours (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, activity levels, etc.).

Social Determinants
of Health (SDoH)

Geo-centric data with details about the social and environmental influences on people’s health and outcomes.


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“My team and I are most impressed with Riverr’s responsiveness, to both our clients and Eurofins’ needs. Riverrs’ Delta features are constantly updated to enhance the user-friendliness of the system. Kudos to Riverr for the good work!"
Jessica Chua
Managing Director, Regional Business Line Leader at Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics, Asia
“We are very pleased with the good service and prompt support provided by Riverr for the past two years. The notarised digital certificate has helped our clients to travel during the pandemic with strict travel requirements. Our team has also provided very positive feedback on the ease and flexibility of system use. More importantly, the Riverr team is very receptive and flexible to incorporate our suggestions for better user experience.”
Dr Walter Lim
Deputy Country Managing Director (Singapore) - Fullerton Health Group
“The team is excellent. The platform’s user interface and customer support illustrated why was the right partner for us at Innoquest Diagnostics. Throughout our working relationship’s system has seamlessly issued verified digital health certificates to our clinic partners. We look forward to collaborating further to enhance the complete experience of our clinic partners and their patients in the issuance of verified digital healthcerts.”
Anthony Stanislaus
Chief Operating Officer - Innoquest Diagnostics