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Riverr's solutions aim to empower healthcare professionals with the tools necessary to support and enhance patient care. With our ReACT Health solution, biomarker abnormalities and improvements are identified and prioritised, giving healthcare professionals effortless access to critical information for effective health management.

Our solution offers preventive healthcare at your fingertips, making it easier to proactively monitor and manage patient health for better outcomes.


Start the journey to better health

Our intuitive solution provides healthcare providers with a simple interface to set up appointment booking pages for their medical services and handle payments effortlessly, without requiring any technical expertise.

Appointment Types

Configure the appointments you want to offer in the webshop.

Automated Workflow

Automated reminders, online payments, and secure patient portal access, which help reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Multiple Locations

Manage all your locations in one single place.

APIs for Integration

Easy integration to other systems and applications.

SEO Friendly

Improves your visibility and
ranking on search engines.

Supports coupons, referral sites and campaigns

Setup discount coupons, duration of promotional campaigns with automated redemption tracking.

Appointment Management
Automated Billing Reconciliation


Structured and guided, reduction in errors

Say goodbye to filling out manual test requisition forms and worrying about errors with electronic lab test ordering. Our solution offers streamlined specimens tracking and enhanced interoperability for more efficient testing processes. By automating these tasks, healthcare providers and test providers can devote more time to what matters most: patient’s health outcomes.

Guided Lab Test Order

Reduce the risk of human error in lab test ordering and cut costs associated with physical printed copies.

Never Miss a Specimen

Improve the patient experience by minimising the need for return visits due to missing specimen collection.

Save Time and Effort

Stay informed with real-time test status updates delivered from the laboratory straight to your dashboard.

Digitised Test Ordering Form

Experience improved test ordering with a well-designed form that includes the most up-to-date test component codes and descriptions ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Test Order Management
Digitised Test Order Form
Up-to-date Test Status


Gain deeper contextual insights into your overall health

ReACT Health prioritises and identifies biomarker abnormalities and improvements through its reports, offering valuable insights and actionable steps to enhance overall health. This approach improves health risk monitoring and prediction, empowering individuals with the information they need to take control of their health and make informed decisions about their care.

Detect Abnormalities Early

Comprehensive health report features intelligent prioritisation of abnormal biomarkers, helping you identify potential health risks through a familiar, simplified and easy-to-understand view.

Longitudinal Tracking*

Track both abnormalities and improvements over time through an intuitive trend view for easy interpretation and monitoring of health progress.

Accurate Clinical Insights

Contextual insights to individual biomarker and with actionable steps to improve patient’s overall health.

Retrace When You Need Them

Easily retrace conversations and instructions with patients by accessing logged notes within the same report, facilitating effective and efficient patient care.

Prioritise Biomarker Abnormalities
Clinical Tested Risk Assessment Models
Contextual Health Insights

what Our Platform does

reduce no-show appointments
reduce duplications
digitised paperwork
guided test ordering
reduce no-show appointments
reduce duplications
digitised paperwork
guided test ordering
all records in one place
contextual health insights
actionable health reports
appointment reminders
all records in one place
contextual health insights
actionable health reports
appointment reminders

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