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Our extraordinary mission requires extraordinary people.

Help us improve healthcare by connecting fragmented health data

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Our Values

🔒 Trust, we value trust above all else.

❤ Be open minded & open hearted.

🦬 Be bold, be adventurous, mistakes are proof that you are trying.

💡 Keep learning, there is always more to learn.

🙌 Solidarity, If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

🐵 We are human, empathy brings us together.

Our Culture

As a remote team it is important that we are transparent and clear about our values, operating principles, strategies and goals, so that we all work by the same playbook! ✊

Working at Riverr

Riverr is based out of Singapore. We have an office in Singapore where some of us choose to work out, however we are a remote-first company. Everyone has the option to choose where and how they work, to us location is not important.

We are currently a team of 15, in which 7 of us are developers. We are made up of 5 different nationalities, diversity and open-mindedness are a big part of our culture. Even though we are from different nationalities and located in different countries we put an extra effort in making sure we all get to meet each other physically.

Work with us!

Lead Software Engineer

Experience : 5 Years   |   Positions : 1

Frontend Developer

Experience : 3 Years   |   Positions : 1

Marketing Intern

Experience : 1 Years   |   Positions : 1